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Virginia State University Home

President's Cabinet

The Office of the President is located on the third floor of Virginia Hall, across from Jones Dining Hall on Hayden Drive.  The telephone number is (804) 524-5070.


Dr. Pamela V. Hammond
Interim President

Vice Presidents

Dr. W. Weldon Hill
Provost/ Vice President of Academic Affairs  
Dr. Letizia Gambrell-Boone
Vice President for Student Affairs 

Kevin Davenport
Vice President of Administration and Finance 
Adrienne Whitaker
Vice President of Institutional Advancement 

Executive Officers 

Pamela D. Jackson
Interim Executive Assistant to the President

Dr. Robert L. Turner Jr.
Executive Director of VSU Foundation

Associate Vice Presidents

Hubert D. Harris
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Dr. Elliott L. Wheelan
Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Compliance 

Henry Debose
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs 

Deans of Colleges

Dr. Andrew Kanu
Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Dr. Keith M. Williamson
Dean, College of Engineering and Technology  
Dr. Jewel Hairston    
Dean of the College of Agriculture
Dr. Elsie S. Weatherington
Dean, University Libraries 
Dr. Emanuel Omojokun
Interim Dean, Reginald F. Lewis College of Business
Dr. James E. Hunter
Vice Provost and Graduate Dean 
Dr. Robert N. Corley
Interim Dean, College of Education
Dr. Larry C. Brown
Dean, College of Natural and Health Sciences

Associate Deans

Dr. Wondi Mersie
Associate Dean/Research Director, College of Agriculture


Peggy Davis
Athletic Director

Chief Audit Executive

Joanne Curtis Taylor
Chief Audit Executive

General Counsel

Ms. Ramona L. Taylor 
University Legal Counsel 


Hattie Wilkins
Title III Coordinator

Special Assistant to President

Jesse E. Vaughan
Special Assistant to the President
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