Green-to-Gold Scholarship

To assist you in the application process you can use the Green to Gold Scholarship Option Information Booklet. The booklet contains valuable information about the program and can help you submit your application.

Green to Gold Scholarship Option Information Booklet


  • Tuition or room and board support
  • Additional money for textbooks, supplies, and equipment.
  • A monthly stipend for up to 10 months each school year that increases each year based on your Military Science Class.
  • Pay for attending the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) between the junior and senior years of college.
  • If qualified, Montgomery G.I. Bill / Army College Fund (MGIB/ACF) benefits.
  • Additionally, many colleges and universities offer incentives to scholarship winners. The Professor of Military Science (PMS) at your college of choice can provide further information on what is available at the school. 

In addition to the financial incentives, Soldiers receive additional benefits as ROTC Cadets. These benefits include:

  • Leadership training
  • Responsibility and Practical Experience
  • Mentorship of the PMS/APMS
  • Camaraderie 


  • U.S. Citizen (non-waiverable)
  • Age - you must be under 31 years of age on 31 December of the year you complete all requirements for a commission. You must have acquired your bachelor's degree by this time. This is a statutory requirement and there are no waivers authorized.
  • No criminal convictions.
  • You must have served a minimum of two-years Active Duty as well as three months of Active Duty for every one month of specialized training (a waiver can be requested).
  • GT score of 110 or greater.
  • Pass the APFT within the last six months with score of 180 or higher, minimum of 60 points in each event.
  • High School Graduate or equivalent.
  • Cumulative High School or College GPA of 2.5.
  • Letter of Acceptance to School of Choice offering Army ROTC.
  • Letter of Acceptance from the PMS of that Army ROTC Battalion.
  • Favorable National Agency Check.
  • DODMERB Medical Qualification.
  • No more than three dependents including spouse (waiverable).
  • Four-year applicants must have a minimum ACT score of 19 or a minimum SAT score of 920 (waiverable).