Military Science Scholarships

A way to pay for college!

Scholarships and stipends in Army ROTC help you focus on what’s important; your education.

Scholarships for High School Students

The Four-Year High School Scholarship is for high school students planning on attending a four-year college program. Contact your high school academic advisor or campus Military Science department for more information.

High School Students FAQ

Scholarships for College Students

There are several options available to those who are already in college and are now considering Army ROTC. 

Enrollment Options

If you're interested in enrolling in Army ROTC and you are in college, you can start by taking an Army ROTC basic elective course. If you have at least two or more years remaining toward your undergraduate degree but not enough time to complete the Basic Course, you can enter the Army ROTC Advanced Course by completing the Leader's Training Course held at Fort Knox, Kentucky, during the summer.

Talk to your campus Military Science department about other ways to join Army ROTC and incentives available, including opportunities to compete for two-, three-, or four-year scholarships.

College Student FAQ 

Campus Based ROTC Scholarships

The Trojan Warrior ROTC program also has scholarships available. Please see our Recruiting Officer, Mr. Douglas Washington, Jessie B. Bolling Building, Room 106 for more information.

GFRD scholarships are available through the ARNG and USAR for students that desire to participate in the Senior ROTC program. These scholarships guarantee that the student once graduated from school and commissioned in the U.S. Army must serve their obligation in the ARNG or Reserves. ARNG/USAR scholarships are available in the following lengths: 2, 2.5, and 3-years. To be eligible for the scholarships the student must have exactly that amount of school remaining.  For more information: US Army Reserve: 304-237-9416 or National Guard: 434-480-6484, or visit them at the Jessie B. Bolling Building, Room 107.