Math and Economics Programs

The Department of Mathematics and Economics at Virginia State University has two programs – Mathematics and Economics.

Mathematics Program

We offer the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and the Master of Science in Mathematics. The department, in conjunction with the Center for Undergraduate Professional Education Programs, offers teaching endorsement in Mathematics (6-12). To fulfill requirements for the endorsement, students need to complete a mathematics major and minor in secondary education.

Economics Program

The Department offers the Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance and Master of Arts in Business/Managerial Economics  degree in Economics.

A Curriculum Checklist is also available for each program

Mission of the department: The mission of the department is to provide academic programs that promote rigorous and relevant instruction, research, and advanced study, designed to develop a diverse, productive, and ethical population of graduates and lifelong learners equipped to effectively participate and compete in the national and global workforce and society.

Goals of the Department

Mathematics Program
  • provide opportunities for students to develop fundamental concepts in mathematics, thus building a background for more advanced mathematics study,
  • produce students capable of pursuing successful careers as mathematicians, statisticians, and engineers in such areas as industry, private business and government service,
  • prepare students for teaching mathematics by using new pedagogy and technology,
  • offer quality instruction to all persons seeking a strong mathematics background, and promote research by offering technical and professional
Economics Program
  • To equip students with the requisite knowledge,  foundation, and tools sufficient for decision-making in their role as consumers, producers or other independent economic actors in diverse environments, and to empower them to achieve success in their personal lives,
  • To prepare students to maximize their full professional potential as they utilize knowledge of economic concepts to make career choices, recognize business opportunities, and make other choices that will help advance their overall professional goals,
  • To prepare students to recognize the change of dynamics of contemporary global economy and the increasing demand on the American workforce to compete internationally