Applied Science
Applied Science

Department of Applied Engineering Technology

img-1.jpgThe Department of Applied Engineering Technology offers three undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree programs in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Information Logistics Technology and Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology.

The Department also offers a graduate certificate program in Project Management. An Enterprise System Certificate program is also offered within the Information Logistics Technology program. The graduate certificate program in Project Management provides advanced preparation to achieve success in a wide variety of fields to include marketing, financial services, information technology, government, construction and many more.

The Applied Engineering Technology programs are highly versatile and take advantage of the use of computers, mechanical systems and other electronic devices to solve human problems. Often blended with courses in engineering and technology, applied engineering technology degree programs provide students with skills across many technical areas. VSU’s Engineering Technology programs not only prepare students to become applied engineers and researchers, but also grooms them for graduate studies in applied engineering, engineering technology, engineering, project management and related fields.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Applied Engineering Technology is to graduate lifelong learners through the provision of quality education, research opportunities, and technical skills that prepare them for gainful employment in the private and public sectors of the economy for sustainable growth and development.

Department of Applied Engineering Technology College of Engineering and Technology
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