Cyber Security People

Team Members

Joseph Shelton, Ph.D.
Director, Biometrics, Cyber Security

Michael Reynolds, Ph.D.
Network Security, Application Security

Wei-Bang Chen, Ph.D.
Data mining, Machine learning, Quantum Computing/Security, Cyber Security

Mariah Simmons, M.S.
Associate Information Security Analyst at Dominion Energy

Joon Suk Lee, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Human-Computer Interaction

Industrial Advisory Board

Leslie Gray
Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO, Mozilla Corporation

Anthony Gitalado
Cybersecurity Manager, Internal Revenue Service

David Walter
Software Development Manager, AWS

John Milton-Benoit
President and CEO, CCAM

Aaron Temin
Senior Manager Classified Systems, SpaceX

Eddie O'Leary
President, COLAB

Kostadin Damevski
Associate Professor, VCU

Lisa Walls
Supervisor Infrastructure Operations – IT Client Services, Dominion Energy

Brian Jamison
Cybersecurity & Compliance - Technology Specialist, Microsoft