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Need Your Transcript?

Need an official transcript? Complete the process in three steps.

Follow these directions and you will obtain your transcript from the Office of the Registrar within 5-7 business days from the time we receive your written request. Processing time will vary based on the current volume.  High volume periods are the beginning and end of the semester, commencement and registration.  During these periods additional processing time may be needed.  Official transcripts cannot be received on the same day that they are requested.

Step 1: Fill out and print the Transcript Request Form which is located in the forms section of our webpage.

Step 2: Submit the transcript fee by:

Paying online by clicking here. Be sure to print your confirmation!

Pay in person at the Cashier's Office, Virginia Hall Room 112 or by phone (debit/credit card) at 804-524-5150.  Be sure to keep the receipt/confirmation number.

Mail a money order and the Request for Transcript Form to the Office of the Registrar (address is in Step 3).

Official transcripts are $5 per copy.

Step 3: Submit your payment confirmation and Request for Transcript Form to:

Virginia State University
Office of the Registrar

P. O. Box 9217
Petersburg, Virginia 23806

Submit payment confirmation and Transcript form in person to the Registrar's Office at Gandy Hall, First Floor or via fax at 804-524-6758.

Requests received without the payment confirmation cannot be processed.

***Financial holds on your record must be lifted before your request can be processed.   Contact student accounts to clear the hold and then notify the registrar’s office once the financial hold has been closed.

***Official transcripts cannot be emailed, scanned as attachments or faxed.  They are mailed by u.s. post office and we do not use Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc.

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