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Continuing Education

Welcome to the Office of Continuing Education at Virginia State University. VSU has a very long and rich history, and for many years, the University has been a leader in providing high-quality educational services to the citizens of Virginia and beyond.

Continuing Education at VSU serves to bring the curriculum and research to the outside community, through customized courses, certificate and degree programs, professional and research conferences, and educational events.

While most of our programs are offered locally to a variety of constituents, the University also offers courses and programs through distance education and outreach. Working with our other educational partners, the University provides outreach to assist our citizens to secure a better educational opportunity, while becoming more vested in the economic development of local communities, the Commonwealth, our country, and the world.

By providing greater access to educational opportunities, the Office of Extended Education helps the University to fulfill its goal of helping to build a better world for all of our citizens.

Through our Office, non-degree seeking students are able to enroll in college courses:

  •  to raise their GPAs
  •  to transfer courses back to another university
  •  for certification/recertification for teaching

Also, the following are offered through our Office:

  • Non-credit workshops – Continuing Education Units (CEU’s)
  • Outreach programs
  • Continuing education for senior citizens
  • Certificate programs 
  • Local Open House (LOOCs)
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