Assessment Task Force

The Assessment Task Force is charged with supporting the implementation and monitoring of the VSU Academic Assessment Plan, and all academic assessment and improvement-related initiatives across campus for all academic programs.  The Task Force is responsible for providing leadership and support of the University’s efforts to create a culture of assessment, and for reviewing and monitoring of the following:

  • Academic program assessment plans
  • Program level student learning outcomes development and assessment
  • Assessment-related evidence gathering, and
  • Continuous improvement of student learning.

College of Agriculture

Dr. Berkita Bradford

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Hospitality Management

Dr. Christopher Cantanzaro

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Agriculture

Dr. Alice Joyner

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Family and Consumer Sciences

The Reginald F. Lewis College of Business

Dr. Arinola Adebayo

Associate Professor, Accounting and Finance

Dr. Ade Ola

Associate Professor, Management Information Systems

Dr. Venkat Mummalaneni

Professor, Management and Marketing

Dr. Hari Sharma

Professor, Accounting and Finance

College of Education

Dr. John Blackwell

Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Assessment

Dr. Andrean Oliver

Assistant Professor, School and Community Counseling

Dr. Tracy Walker

Associate Professor, School and Community Counseling

College of Engineering and Technology

Dr. Gerald Burton

Professor, Mathematics and Economics

Dr. James Cooke

Director of Assessment and Senior Capstone Experience

Dr. Coray Davis

Assistant Professor, Technology

Dr. Pamela Leigh-Mack

Professor, Engineering and Computer Science

Dr. Benedict Uzochukwu

Associate Professor, Technology

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mrs. Kristen Allegood

Adjunct faculty, Music

Dr. Gary Baker

Department Chair/Pre-Law Advisor, Political Science and Public Administration

Dr. Angela Henderson

Assistant Professor, Social Work

College of Natural and Health Sciences

Dr. Milton O. Faison

Associate Professor, Biology

Dr. Paul Kaseloo

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Biology