Planning and Development Committee

Dr. Isis Walton Co-Chair

Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice

Dr. Sabin Duncan, Co-Chair

Executive Director, Student Success Initiatives

Dr. Alexis Brooks-Walter

Director of Assessment and Accreditation

Dr. Diann Baecker

Associate Professor, Languages and Literature

Dr. Victor Vilchiz

Associate Professor/Department Chair, Chemistry

Dr. Weldon Hill

Associate Professor, Music

Dr. Cheryl Talley

Associate Professor, Psychology

Dr. Chaya Jain

Professor, Political Science and Public Administration

Dr. Tracey Walker

Associate Professor, Doctoral Studies

Dr. Aurelia M. Donald

Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems

Ms. Pamela Tolson

Director of Communications

Ms. Shelia McNair

Associate Vice President of Finance

Dr. Kawachi Clemons

Special Assistant to the Provost

Dr. Freddy Thomas

Professor, Languages and Literature

Dr. Benedict Uzochukwu

Associate Professor, Technology

Dr. Novella J Ruffin

Extension Specialist/Child, Family and Human Development

Dr. Justina Osa

Professor, Doctoral Studies, College of Education

Ms. Regina Barnett Tyler

Director, TRIO Programs

Dr. Hari Sharma

Professor, Accounting & Finance

Dr. Spencer Baker

Interim Director, University Counseling Center

Ms. Paula McCapes

Staff Senate Chair, PR & Marketing Specialist, College of Agriculture

Dr. Emmanuel Omojokun

Dean, Reginald F. Lewis College of Business

Dr. Daniel Roberts

Director of Honors Program

Mr. Ronnie Neal

Development Officer, Institutional Advancement

Dr. Robert Corley

Associate Vice Provost

Mr. Rossie D. Johnson

Director of Military Affairs

Subcomittee Committees




Marketing & Communication

Dr. Diann Baecker - Chair

Dr. Tracey Walker - Chair

Ms. Shelia McNair - Chair

Ms. Pamela Tolson - Chair

Dr. Spencer Baker

Dr. Justina Osa

Ms. Adrian Petway

Ms. Paula McCapes

Dr. Freddy Thomas

Dr. Hari Sharma

Dr. Weldon Hill

Quentin Bolton

Dr. Novella Ruffin

Dr. Benedict Uzochukwu

Dr. Victor Vilchiz

Robert Woodington


Ms. Regina Barnett Tyler


Ronnie Neal

Cheryl Talley

Oliver Jenkins


Aurelia M. Donald

Chaya Jain


Venkat Mummalanen

Jacquelyn Griffin-Hammonds


Student Representative

John Fife


Student Representative