Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering Program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, The program offered at VSU prepares students by providing a strong background in mathematics, statistics, sciences and engineering, with emphasis in computer hardware, software, interfacing and design.

Additionally, the program grants elective flexibility for specialization in all aspects of computing and related areas. As an engineering student at VSU, you will have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research, summer internships, professional societies and leadership skills development. If you are interested in computer systems and how these interact, computer engineering is a major you should consider.

Computer engineering covers the analysis, design, and application of computer systems, including the design of computer based real-time data acquisition systems, and analysis and design of computer hardware, software and their tradeoffs. It also focuses on the physical implementation of computing devices, the interaction between hardware and software, and the methodologies for designing digital systems.

Industries associated with electronics and computers often have many positions classified as computer engineering. In addition, since most industries do rely heavily on computers and automation, there are many computer engineering positions for graduates in this field.

Quick facts of the Computer Engineering Program