Center of Cyber Security

We have established the Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics [CSDF]. This center emphasizes digital forensics and biometrics-based IoT security. Digital forensics is vital to finding evidence of virtual crimes through virtualization technologies to simulate penetration testing and network architectures to monitor networked traffic and detect anomalies. Biometrics-based security solutions are a unique form of security that requires users and information to prevent successful cyber-attacks.

The need for establishing cyber security as a structured discipline is recognized throughout industry, government, and academia. Driven by significant workforce needs and society’s dependence on the global cyber infrastructure, cyber security is emerging as an identifiable discipline with a breadth and depth of content encompassing software development, networking, database management, ethics, law, policy, human factors, and risk management. Cyber Security education is becoming increasingly crucial for our society as many critical infrastructures are in the cyber domain and are becoming prime targets for cyberattacks. The many critical infrastructure sectors are vital to the extent that jeopardizing the functionality of any of these sectors would strongly impact the security, economic, health, and public safety of the nation. Cyber Security specialists are needed to address the numerous cyberattacks that infrastructure sectors are subjected to, particularly in industry, government, and academia.

The CSDF center exists to protect the critical infrastructure sectors at all levels, from an individual, to national. Biometrics-based access control is key for preventing bad actors from gaining access to sensitive information, and digital forensics is essential for catching successful cybercrimes to prevent future attempts.