Program Description

The Agriculture Business and Economics curriculum focuses on providing students with a good understanding of agriculture as a business. Specific focus is placed on problem solving approach in the production, distribution, and consumption of agricultural goods and natural resources as well as the management of services. In addition, the curriculum emphasizes public policy, financial management, farm management, non-farming agribusiness management, marketing and agribusiness entrepreneurship. Learn more about the curriculum.

This program prepares students for advanced study in agribusiness, agricultural economics and/or employment in one of many areas of agribusiness organizations and/or agencies, such as the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Our graduates are able to perform brilliantly well in any area of agribusiness management and other allied fields such as agricultural finance, credit, policy and business enterprises in general.

Other job opportunities open to our graduates include loan officers, salesmen for companies in agricultural industry, farm management specialists, apart from perfectly meeting the requirements for most graduate schools.

We invite you to give us a call and see how agriculture is changing and why a career in Agricultural Business and Economics is a right decision now and in years to come.