Bachelor of arts in Music Courses

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is a liberal arts degree with a major in musis. The program provides a robust core musicianship curriculum, applied music study, and ensemble participation. A large component of electives and a flexible senior project provide opportunities for students to combine music studies with courses in other fields that support their interests and career goals 

  Credit Hours
VSU General Education Program
MUSI 200 Blacks in American Music fulfills the humanities elective requirement.
General Education Electives
(Humanities, fine arts, literature, history, science, 9 credit hours social science, mathematics. Foreign language study is encouraged.)
 Required Music Courses  27 
MUSI 105 Class Piano I   1 
MUSI 106 Class Piano II  1 
MUSI 181 Music Theory I  3 
MUSI 182 Music Theory II  3 
MUSI 183 Aural Skills I  1 
MUSI 184 Aural Skills II  1 
MUSI 205 Class Piano III  1 
MUSI 206 Class Piano IV  1 
MUSI 210 Piano Proficiency  0 
MUSI 281 Music Theory III  3 
MUSI 283 Aural Skills III  1 
MUSI 284 Aural Skills IV  1 
MUSI 287 Elementary Conducting  2 
Music History (choose 6 credit hours)  
- MUSI 285 Music History I  3 
- MUSI 286 Music History II  3 
- MUSI 290 Music History III  3 
MUSI 489 Senior Project Preparation (1 credit hour, 2 semesters)  2 
MUSI 490 Senior Project*  0 
Music Electives**  
Performance Requirements  18 
MUSA Applied Instrument/Voice (2 credit hours, 6 semesters)  12 
MUSE Ensembles (min. 4 semesters major ensemble, 2 semesters small ensemble)  6 
MUSI 117/317 Seminar (0 credit hours, corequisite with Applied, 6 semesters)  0 
MUSI 280 Sophomore Recital  0 
Unrestricted Electives  24 
Degree Total  120 

* The senior project may take various forms, including a traditional performance recital, a different kind of performance presentation, a research or creative project (music analysis, literature, history, composition, etc.), or other project (including interdisciplinary) proposed under faculty supervision and approved by a faculty oversight committee.

** Electives in this category are MUSI courses at 200 level or above. At least three units must be 300 and above. Ensembles (MUSE prefix) do not count toward this music elective requirement. Students are encouraged to work with their advisor to choose electives that support their capstone and career goals

Bachelor of Art in Music Courses