M.S. Program

The Department of Psychology offers the Master of Science degree with concentrations in the following areas:  General Psychology and Clinical Psychology. 

While the primary focus of the graduate aspect of the psychology department is to prepare students for doctoral-level training in psychology, the General Psychology concentration prepares students to become college teachers, and the Clinical Psychology concentration prepares students to work in the public mental health sector including mental health agencies, prisons, and hospitals.  Some students who complete the Clinical Psychology concentration choose to pursue the Licensed Professional Counselor credential.  At the conclusion of the Psychology program, students possess skills that are marketable and consequently are able to serve as effective agents of social change.

Psychology Department Master's Manual of Program Policies and Procedures

Clinical Psychology

If students' vocational goals include working in counseling or personal services, they should pursue the clinical concentration.  Outstanding performance in either area may lead to college teaching.  Advisors are appointed to aid students in selecting and developing a program in terms of their interests.  More about Clinical Psychology:

Master's in Psychology Clinical Curriculum

General Psychology

Students interested in becoming community college teachers, researchers, or in pursuing further study toward the doctorate are advised to select the concentration in General Psychology.  In addition, those interested in pursuing doctoral work in school psychology can take educational psychology courses through the General Psychology concentration.  More about General Psychology:

Master's in Psychology General Concentration Curriculum