Department of Biology

Diverse Options Open to Explore in Biology

A degree in Biology is highly versatile, and can take you exactly as far as you want to go. Known as one of the best HBCUs for Biology, VSU not only prepares students to become teachers and researchers, but also grooms Biology majors for graduate study in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, and more.

Virginia State offers both undergraduate and graduate study in Biology, leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Master of Science (M.S.) degrees, respectively.  Students may also pursue a Biology Minor, an option which requires only 19 credit hours of subject-area study.

Students are also invited to explore the wide variety of domestic and foreign internship opportunities and programs, as well as details of the Research Infrastructure in Minority Institutions (RIMI) program.  RIMI seeks to strengthen the integration of research and teaching at predominantly minority-serving academic institutions, with the ultimate goal of reducing health disparities.