Computer Science Program

The Computer Science Program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, The program prepares students for a productive career and advanced study in the areas of Computer Science. The courses listed in the Computer Science curriculum firm foundation in Computer Science theories, architecture and software development, as well as a hands-on understanding of a variety of computing applications of the fundamental ideas and techniques of Computer Science.

Through a selection of advanced electives from Mathematics, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering programs, students will have the opportunity to explore areas of special interest in depth. Students in the program will interact with their instructors and will be offered timely guidance and advice about the program’s requirements and their career alternatives. Faculty are readily available for students, and will also interact extensively with them by e-mail and/or other electronic communication media on the Internet. The curriculum in Computer Science combines technical requirements with general education requirements and electives to prepare students for a professional career in the computer science field, for further study in computer science, and for functioning in modern society. The technical requirements include up-to-date coverage of basic and advanced topics in computer science as well as an emphasis on science and mathematics. In addition to high school graduates satisfying the admission criteria, the Department of Computer Science welcomes community college graduates and transfer students.