Information Technology Advisory Council 

The Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC) brings an external perspective on the various internal and external strategies and operations in the college’s Department of Management Information Systems, provide industry/government input on events and updates external to the department and provide input and advice to the department. 

Specific duties include but are not limited to:

  1. Being a resource to the department
  2. Communicating significant developments in the marketplace pertinent to information technology
  3. Providing curriculum consultation
  4. Affording students internships and/or job placement opportunities
  5. Facilitating industry investments in the department, and
  6. Providing student project opportunities & or being visible to the students including but not limited to delivering guest lectures  

Additional duties shall regard cooperation with other RFLCB advisory councils.


The ITAC serves in an advisory capacity to the Department.  The ITAC is expected to make recommendations and provide input on issues related to the Department though is not expected to make decisions for the Department.


The ITAC shall be composed of no more than 21 members from industry, government, or academia, but who are not current employees of Virginia State University.


In consultation with the ITAC members and Department faculty, the Dean of the College of Business will appoint new members to the ITAC as vacancies occur.

Term of Membership

Members shall be appointed to serve a term of 3 years to coincide with the Commonwealth’s fiscal year, that is, July through June.  Terms shall be staggered.  Members are free to resign and terminate their membership at any time.


The ITAC shall elect from its membership a Chairman for a term of 2 years to convene July 1 and terminate June of the second year.


The Dean shall appoint 1 member to serve as a liaison to the RFLCB Executive Council to facilitate communication and collaboration between the ITAC and Executive Council. 


The ITAC shall meet at least twice yearly as called by the ITAC Chairman in consultation with the Dean.  Additional meetings may be called as needed.  ITAC members, Department faculty/staff, and the Senior Development Officer assigned to the College of Business shall attend meetings.  Additional individuals may be invited to attend meetings at the discretion of the ITAC Chairman, Dean, and Department faculty/staff.


The agenda for the meetings will be prepared by the Chairman in consultation with members and Dean, and will be disseminated to all members at least 1 week prior to the meeting.

Current membership