8th Annual Conference on Social Justice, April 12-13, 2024

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The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice will be hosting its Annual Social Justice Conference on the campus of Virginia State University (VA, USA) on Friday – Saturday, April 12-13, 2024. The theme of this year’s conference is

Dystopia and Modernization in the Dynamics of Contemporary Global Community.

Dystopia, a word which is supposed to describe an imaginary disorganized society, came into use in print in the year 1962. However, observations of the world society show that we are really witnessing a dystopian society based on our tendency towards more rationalization and modernization of our ways of life. Thinkers are now writing on what they call “the road to dystopia.” In the sense it is used today, a dystopian society is characterized by rampant distress, tyrannical government, environmental disasters, racial and ethnic conflicts, lack of equity, social injustices, poverty and economic decline, and political instability. It represents a society where everything is wrong an opposite of utopia. A single society may not possess all these qualities but many of them can be seen in most societies today. The conference is organized around the identification of these issues in our societies, their origins, and what we can do to minimize their effects.


Sub-theme 1: Human Productive Activities
Sub-theme 2: Social and Human Behavior
Sub-theme 3: Politics and Governance
Sub-theme 4: Environment
Sub-theme 5: Health and Wellness
Sub-theme 6: World Economy
Sub-theme 7: Deviant Behavior and Crime
Sub-theme 8: Issues of Inequalities

Abstracts and Paper Submission

You may submit abstracts for a thematic panel, individual paper presentation, poster presentation, or roundtable discussion.

All abstracts should be submitted through email to SOCI.CJconferences@vsu.edu or to the Google form. Emailed abstracts must include the following:

  • Presenters’ name/s and title/s
  • Title of presentation
  • Indicate if submitting for a thematic panel, individual paper presentation, poster presentation, or roundtable discussion
  • If willing to volunteer as a moderator of a session/panel
  • Indicate if you prefer to present on Friday, Saturday, or either day (We will do our best to honor such preferences but this is not guaranteed)

A typical abstract will summarize the scope, purpose, techniques, and the major content and conclusion of research in one paragraph of about 200 words. You may submit MORE THAN ONE ABSTRACTS. Conference committee will communicate decisions on submissions by February 28 th .

Conference Fees

$50 for all participants to be paid after the abstracts have been accepted. The fee is waived for VSU staff and students. The fees will also be waived for the first 50 abstracts received.

The deadline to submit abstracts is January 30, 2024.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email the chair, Dr. Zacchaeus Ogunnika and the committee at SOCI.CJconferences@vsu.edu.