Admission Process

Thank you for your interest in Virginia State University’s Department of Social Work BSW Program.

Consistent with the CSWE Accreditation Standards, the BSW Program does not grant social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience. This program policy statement may be found in the Social Work Program Student Handbook on page 38.

Admissions Requirements for the BSW Program

To be considered for admission to the BSW Program, all prospective social work students will be advised by the BSW Program Director upon notification from the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) or the Registrar’s Office that they are a sophomore and a declared social work major, and then assigned to a social work faculty advisor.

All transfer students must contact the Director of the BSW Program regarding their interest or their intentions prior to submitting their application to the BSW Social Work Program.  An advisor will be assigned to transfer students once accepted in the Social Work Program.

Ms. Jane Parker, the Department Chair/BSW Program Director, may be contacted at

Change of Major

Applicants transferring from another major to the Department of Social Work should contact the Social Work Department Chair and complete Change of Major form.

 An official Change of Major Form should be completed and signed by the Chair from the Department the student if transferring from as well as the signature of the Social Work Department Chair.

Change of Major forms must not be submitted prior to the Social Work Department Chair approval. Students who are interested in changing their major to Social Work is advised to change their major prior to the second semester of their sophomore year.

Students transferring from another major to Social Work must have an overall 2.7 GPA.

Upon admission to the University, all Social Work majors are classified as pre-professional. To apply for professional status, the following requirements must be met. 

Requirements for Admission to Social Work Program

All social work students must apply for formal acceptance into the Bachelor of Social Work Program (BSW).  This admission process is separate from admission into the University and students are not eligible to apply until the second semester of their sophomore year.  The BSW admission process is a pre-requisite for taking any upper level (300 level and above) social work courses. Applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

Submit the BSW Program Application Packet which includes:

BSW Program Application

Personal statement - a three to five page essay, typed and double spaced, detailing: 

  • Interest in social work
  • Leadership, strengths and experience in working with individuals, groups or communities
  • Personal and professional goals
  • Commitment to the completion of this program

A copy of all transcripts (unofficial are acceptable)

Three recommendation letters – two from current/previous professors and one from a past or current supervisor where the student has completed volunteer experience 

 Background check – The application is available at Students must create a Certified Profile account.  To establish an account, you must ‘PLACE ORDER’ and enter VSU BSU Program, package code VB28.

Have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.7.  

Documentation of 25 clock hours of volunteer/paid work experience in an approved social service agency within the past two years.

Complete the general education curriculum (33 credits).

Complete the three required pre-requisite courses with a C or better (S/SP are not acceptable):

  •  SOWK 210 – Intro to Generalist SOWK Practice
  •  SOWK 260 – History SOWK Policy 1600 to the Present
  •  STAT 210 – Elementary Statistics I 

Transfer students 

Students who have taken social work courses from an accredited program must consult with the BSW Department Chair for admission into the program.

Transfer students must complete the pre-requisite social work courses (SOWK 210, SOWK 260, & STAT 210) with a grade of C or higher.

The deadline for the BSW Program Application packet is February 28th