Educational Administration and Supervision

Educational Administration and Supervision

Educational Administration and Supervision

The Department of Educational Leadership offers programs in Educational Administration and Supervision which lead to the Master of Science or the Master of Education degree. This is an option which prepares individuals for educational supervision and management in the areas of human services, government, the military, industry, corporations, and other education related agencies.

The program in Educational Administration and Supervision is designed to:

  1. Prepare a cadre of educational leaders with special competencies in school administration and supervision that will enable them to meet the demands of a changing society as they function in the total educational framework.
  2. Prepare a cadre of leaders with special competencies which will enable them to function as managers, supervisors, educational specialists, etc., in industry, the military, corporations, and human services.
  3. Equip participants with sufficient levels of educational and practical training so that they will be attractive as potential employees to those who select administrative and supervisory personnel for public and private school systems and industry.
  4. Upgrade skills of those already employed in human services occupations, government, military and industry.
  5. Provide participants with a high level of skills and expertise to work with all facets of the school organization and those aspects of the community which bear most directly on the school's educational goals and its program objectives.

PreK-12 Administration and Supervision Endorsement

A program of study is offered and it leads to the M.S. or M.Ed. degree in Educational Administration and Supervision for students who seek endorsement as a school site administrator and Supervisor. The endorsement requires 45 hours of study. The provisional endorsement requires a practicum of no less than 200 hours of field work and the full endorsement requires a full-time 90-day administrative internship.

Admission Requirements

The applicant must have at least three years of successful experiences as a teacher by the date the program is completed. A student may not enter the last six hours of course work until successful professional teaching experience has been satisfied.

All students who are admitted to the endorsement program leading to certification as school administrators must meet all requirements of the graduate division of the School of Graduate Studies, Research and Outreach, at Virginia State University. An undergraduate grade-point average of not less than 2.8 on a 4.0 scale will be required for unconditional admission. Conditional admission may be granted to those who present an undergraduate grade-point average of less than 2.8.

In addition, students will be expected to present a Graduate Record Examination (GRE) combined score of not less than 700 and a PRAXIS score that will meet the standards of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

A minimum grade-point average of 3.0 must be maintained at the graduate level in order to be retained. No students will be allowed to earn more than two grades of "C" during the period of graduate study at the University. Students must complete the approved program in not more than six years of study.

Three letters of recommendation indicating experience in educational service must be presented in order to obtain unconditional admission to the Principal Preparation Program.

Program Requirements

Courses of study in this major lead to the Master of Science or Master of Education Degree. The Master of Science Degree requires completion of stated required courses and a thesis. The Master of Education degree requires either (a) project, plus a minimum of forty-two hours of courses or (b) forty-five hours of courses. All options require an oral and written comprehensive examination.

In addition to the endorsement competencies required by the Virginia Department of Education, students in the Principal Preparation Program will be required to demonstrate the twelve skills that have been identified by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, NCATE, Commonwealth of Virginia, and ISLLC standards. Elements of these skills, competencies, and standards will be assessed during all required courses as well as during the Internship/Seminar.

All students will be required to attend an Assessment Center and to have a formal report submitted to the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Research and Outreach, to become a part of their folders on file in the Graduate School office. This document will be used for exit evaluation. Students may be required to participate in additional activities for the development of selected skills, as indicated by such a report.

A final oral and written comprehensive examination is required for exit. Three faculty members in the department must agree that a student has demonstrated the necessary skills and has a knowledge base necessary to become an effective administrator.

Completion of the forty-five hours of course work toward principal certification entitles the student to a Master of Education Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision; however, certification requires a full-time ninety-hours internship/seminar in an administrative capacity with a cooperating school system. The prospective candidate would need recommendations from the said school system and full-time faculty at Virginia State University to serve in this capacity.

Any person contemplating enrolling in the Principal Preparation Program at Virginia State University will be expected to follow the approved restructured program. The preparation provides for certification in Educational Administration and Supervision PreK-12.

Summary of Course Requirements for Endorsement Program

Educational Administration and Supervidion PreK-12

Core Courses (9 Semester Hours)

  • STAT 510 - Statistical Procedures in Education and Psychology
  • EDUC 501 - Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 513 - Educational Research

Professional Content Specialization (36 Semester Hours)

  • EDAS 581 - Supervision of Instruction
  • EDAS 582 - Organization and Administration
  • EDAS 583 - Public School Law
  • EDAS 584 - Curriculum Development
  • EDAS 585 - Personnel Administration
  • EDAS 586 - Evaluation of Instruction
  • EDAS 587 - School Plant Management
  • EDAS 588 - School Finance
  • EDAS 589 - School Community Relations
  • EDAS 679 - Internship/Seminar
  • EDUC 520 - Educational Technologies
  • EDAS 597 - Oral and Written Comprehensive Examination/Assessment Center Training Seminar
  • PSYC 515 - Learning Theory or PSYC 512 Human Growth & Development

Cognate Courses (3 semester hours)

  • EDAS 689 - Administrative Theory
  • EDUC 503 - Program Design for Gifted and Talented
  • SPED 525 - Special Education Seminar
  • EDAS 512 - Multiculture Ed.
  • EDAS 551 - Pre-School Learning Environment and Facilities
  • EDAS 552 - Evaluation and Assessment of Pre-School Program
  • EDUC 530 - Materials and Techniques in Elementary Curriculum Development
  • EDAS 592 - Administration of the Middle School
  • EDAS 593 - Classroom Management
  • EDAS 596 - Administrative Practicum
  • EDAS 598 - Project
  • EDAS 599 - Thesis (M.S. Option only)
  • EDAS 602 - School Based Management
  • EDAS 677 - Managing The School Site
  • EDAS 682 - Administration Of Higher Education
  • EDAS 692 - Internship In Higher Education Administration
  • ECED 562 - Practicum in Administration of Programs For Young Children

(Non-on-School Settings) Educational Leasdership/Management 

A program of study is offered which leads to the M.S. or M.Ed. degree in Educational Administration and Supervision for students wishing to pursue Educational Leadership/Management careers in public or non-public settings related to education.

This degree program does not lead to endorsement as a public school administrator. Rather, the program concentrates on such duties as educational training of developers or managers industry, government, and businesses related to the educational field.

This is a 39 semester hour program. The applicant should be presently in a military, industrial, managerial or other supervisory position. The applicant must meet all requirements of the program and the graduate division of the School of Graduate Studies, Research and Outreach.

Program Content for the Master of Education Degree with Specialization in Educational Leadership

This is a program option under the Master of Education degree in Educational Administration and Supervision. Students and their advisors will develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to include 15 hours of course experiences in leadership cognate areas. Other courses may include computer science, special education, psychology, counselor education, technical/vocational education, and business education. Endorsement as an administrator is not required under this option. However, if an endorsement is desired under this option, the student will have to satisfy state requirements within the IEP. This may require more than 39 hours of coursework.

Core Courses (9 Semester Hours)

  • EDUC 501 - Foundations of Education
  • STAT 510 - Statistical Procedures in Education and Psychology
  • EDUC 513 - Educational Research

The student and faculty advisor agree on a program of study to include not less than five EDAS courses and four cognate courses in the area of leadership concentration plus one elective.

Suggested EDAS Core (15 Semester Hours)

  • EDAS 581 - Supervision of Instruction
  • EDAS 583 - Public School Law
  • EDAS 589 - School-Community Relations
  • EDAS 678 - Comprehensive Seminar
  • EDAS 582 - Organization and Administration

Cognate Courses (15 Semester Hours)

Of the 15 semester hours required in cognate courses, 12 must be in Leadership courses.