Department of Educational Leadership

The Department of Educational Leadership offers programs of study that lead to an M.Ed., in Educational Administration and Supervision PK-12, M.Ed. in Organizational Leadership in Administration & Supervision, M.S. in Educational Administration & Supervision and an Ed.D. in Educational Administration and Supervision.

Candidates seeking licensure as a school-level administrator should enroll in the Educational Administration and Supervision PK-12 track.

The Organizational Leadership in Educational Administration & Supervision track is offered to candidates who do not seek licensure to work in schools. This track is designed to enable candidates to acquire knowledge and develop competencies that will make them effective leaders at any level of an organization.

The outcomes of this program have been aligned with the Professional Education Program Unit’s Conceptual Framework outcomes to support the development of Competent, Caring, Effective and Reflective professional administrators who are committed as leaders to addressing the challenges of educating all students for multicultural and global learning communities. As Competent leaders, candidates will understand the central knowledge, concepts and skills necessary in the administrative field. As Caring leaders, candidates will show respect for all stakeholders, while maintaining high standards. As Effective leaders, candidates will use research-based instructional methods and best practices and performance assessments to guide the implementation of the instructional process. Finally, as Reflective leaders, candidates will reflect upon and evaluate research and the success of past decisions in an effort to make better decisions in the future.