Randolph Farm

Randolph Farm is a 416-acre agricultural learning center, home to a multitude of agricultural related research, demonstration and instruction activities. In addition to producing the region's traditional row crops, the farm is utilized for research and education in areas of new and niche crops, alternative cropping methods, horticultural crops, nutrient management, water quality, animal production, and aquaculture production.

The centerpiece of the farm is the Cooperative Extension Pavilion, which houses faculty and staff offices and laboratories; it also contains meeting areas that are frequented by members of the agricultural community sharing learned research and educational information. Other farm amenities include approximately 130 acres of irrigated cropland as well as 18,500 square feet of greenhouses and high tunnels. This includes a new technologically advanced 4000 square feet greenhouse complex with adjacent laboratory, preparation and meeting areas.

In addition to 57 research and instruction ponds stocked with a variety of fish species, the aquaculture extension and research team operates an on-site fish hatchery, greenhouse-based tanks and an automated fish processing facility. Randolph Farm is also home to newly renovated housing, breeding, and veterinary care facilities, plus 75 acres of cross-fenced pasture to serve the animal production unit. The farm is supported by a farm maintenance center and other related structures.

Randolph Farm hosts numerous annual events such as field days, workshops, farm conferences, and professional training to share valuable information and promote the agricultural industry. Area school and civic groups visit the farm routinely for guided tours to learn about Virginia agriculture and the opportunities that exist within. With more than 3000 square feet of indoor meeting space and the adjacent production areas, Randolph Farm provides an exceptional learning experience for its approximately 5000 visitors each year. Learn more about upcoming events at the farm.

Farm Tours: 

Please contact Jimmy Mullins at jmullins@vsu.edu.

Directions to Randolph Farm

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