College of Agriculture Advisory Council (CAAC)

We are delighted that Virginia State University College of Agriculture has established a blue ribbon Advisory Council to provide guidance and advice to the Dean of the College of Agriculture, in particular, and to the College of Agriculture in general, to assist the College of and services to meet the agricultural education, Extension and research needs of the residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia and as appropriate national and global needs. Virginia State University College of Agriculture (COA) is extremely fortunate to have men and women of such high caliber, from across the region and with such varied background and experiences, to serve on this voluntary School of Agriculture Advisory Council (CAAC).

SAAC conferenceThe establishment of the CAAC could not have been timelier considering the challenges facing the Commonwealth and the nation and the opportunities that are increasingly more available in the areas of food and agricultural sciences. For example, resource restrictions and budgetary constraints provide enhanced opportunity to teach limited resource farmers how to improve farming practices in order to be more cost-effective and more profitable in their agricultural enterprises. Resource restrictions and budgetary constraints also provide great opportunity to teach farm families and other consumers about the management of financial and other resources; just to name a few examples. The members of the CAAC have been carefully selected; therefore, they will be able assist the Dean and the College of Agriculture (COA) in developing/enhancing a proper perspective of needs and expectations of the clientele and stakeholders of the School of Agriculture as well as in identifying resources that may be acquired to meet the challenges and exploit opportunities.

We invite you to take a look at the description of the CAAC, its current membership and minutes of its meetings and feel free to provide suggestions. The CAAC was formed in 2009. We deeply appreciate the commitment and the work of the members as they continue to play a significant role in assisting the College of Agriculture in serving the residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia and of the nation and world, as appropriate; we lift our hats to them and express our thanks and gratitude to them.

College of Agriculture
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