The mission of the Virginia State University Women’s Leadership Institute (VSU WLI) is to support the advancement of women pursuing leadership opportunities in higher education through innovative and collaborative programming and networking opportunities.

The Institute is designed to enhance the unique skills, perspectives, and abilities of women to lead in a rapidly changing higher education environment. The Institute will promote the development of current and emerging female leaders in higher education through its LeadHERship development program.

Alignment with University Values and Mission

The VSU Women’s Leadership Institute aligns the university’s mission and values of engagement, excellence, and diversity by creating an environment where women can women learn and grow continuously regardless of where their roles, titles, or position in the institution.

Alignment with University Strategic Plan

The VSU Women’s Leadership Institute aligns with Priority 2 of the institution’s strategic plan, which is to sustain academic excellence. The VSU Women’s Leadership Institute will develop a pipeline of women faculty, staff, and administrators who will cultivate an intellectual environment and demonstrate excellence in teaching, research, service in higher education administration.

Institute Goals

Our goals are to create an environment where women:

  • Build supportive networks where strategies and solutions can be generated and shared;
  • Step beyond the traditional areas of career advancement and self-empowerment;
  • Disrupt the current ideas of what women should do and focus on what women can do;
  • Apply the acquired knowledge to support others on campus and to enhance their leadership skills;
  • Provide a forum where women can share the importance of their value in their respective roles and their contributions to Virginia State University; and
  • Reimagine Leadership in the 21st century at Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the Impact of Women in Their Evolution