Mission of the Department

The mission of the Music Unit is to maintain both a level of academic excellence established by the University and a level of artistic achievement competitive with national standards. The Unit will promote diverse musical experiences that cross cultural boundaries, the use of technology, interaction with the community served by the University, and contact with the larger musical community. Through these experiences, the student will gain an awareness of his/her role in the University, local, national, and global community, and uses that awareness to develop personal goals for future efforts and achievements.

Objectives of the Department

  • To provide students with solo performance opportunities in order to develop their performance skills to a high level and to provide the necessary performance opportunities so that they can perform effectively as ensemble players as well as soloists
  • To offer curricula at various levels appropriate to the needs of the students according to the national accreditation standards
  • To provide a variety of courses to meet the needs of non-music majors so that that may broaden their professional backgrounds and become more well-rounded individuals
  • To provide the University and community with professional services and expertise, thereby increasing their awareness and knowledge of the musical arts
  • To provide a strong background for majors interested in graduate work in the performance areas of music, music education or related fields.