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Frequently Asked Questions

TrojanCard Frequently Asked Questions

Is the first replacement card free?

No. The first TrojanCard is issued at no cost to you; however, every replacement card after that has a replacement fee currently $25.00 (lost card) or $10.00 (damaged card).  Fee subject to change.

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Where do I go to pay for a new TrojanCard?

Replacement fees are payable to the Cashier's office. If there are enough funds on the Trojan Dollars account it can be used to purchase a new card in the card office.

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Why can't I keep my old TrojanCard if I get a new one?

For security purposes, patrons are only allowed to possess one TrojanCard.

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Do I have to get a new TrojanCard every year?

No. The first TrojanCard received is to be your TrojanCard for the duration of your enrollment at Virginia State University. Lost or stolen cards warrant a $25 replacement fee; damaged cards warrant a $10 replacement fee.

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Can I punch a hole in my TrojanCard?

No. The TrojanCard is a formatted card and punching holes in the card will damage it and prevent it from working properly. The replacement fee for a damaged card is $10.

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Can I get cash off of my TrojanCard?

The TrojanCard is a 'deposit only' account. Patrons may request refunds at the end of each semester (and throughout the summer semester) in writing to the TrojanCard Office.

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How can I put money on my TrojanCard?

Patrons can add money to the TrojanCard at the Cashiers office using cash, debit or credit, or check. Online using financial aid funds during allotted time periods. At the PHIL machines using cash only.  PHIL locations are as follows:  Johnston Memorial Library (First Floor and basement), Jones Dining Hall (lobby), Gateway Dining Hall (lobby), Foster Hall (lobby), Virginia Hall (Cashier’s Office), & VSU Bookstore; or Online by logging into e-accounts at: using a credit or debit card.

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I washed my TrojanCard, can I have a new one?

Yes. A new card costs $25 (damaged $10) and can be purchased at the Cashier's office using cash, debit or credit, or check. If the card is purchased at the cashier’s office the receipt must be brought to the card office to receive the new ID. OR if the patron has enough Trojan Dollars on the card to cover the charge, then $10/$25 can be deducted from the patron’s card in the TrojanCard Office.

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My card was stolen, can I have a new one at no charge?

No. There is a $25 replacement fee for lost and/or stolen cards.

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My card is broken, do I have to pay for a replacement?

There is a replacement fee for all damaged cards, currently $10 (subject to change).

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Can I change my meal plan?

Patrons must contact the Office of Residence Life / Housing regarding all residential meal plan changes. 

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Where can I add money to my card?

Patrons may add money by going to the Cashier's office on the second floor of the Student Services Center, using cash, check or credit; patrons can add cash to their card using PHILs or by going on-line to

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Can I use my TrojanCard off-campus?

Yes. Please click here to see a complete list of the off-campus merchants.

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I do not live on campus, can I purchase a meal plan?

Yes, commuter meal plans may be purchased in the Students Accounts office in increments of 25, 50, and 75.  The meal plans are not refundable and expire at the end of each semester.

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What is a PHIL?

A PHIL or Payment Headquarters in Location machine functions similar to a bank ATM.

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How do I register my TrojanCard on campus?

You need to register your TrojanCard once at any on campus multi-functional device (MFD) each time you receive a new card.

Be sure you have logged into the VSU network from a workstation or laptop before following the detailed instructions found here.

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What is the eAccounts refund policy?

TrojanCard accounts remain active throughout your association with Virginia State University. Cash withdrawals are not permitted at any time. At the conclusion of your academic or professional career with the University, you may request a refund check of any remaining balance be mailed to you. Contact the VSU TrojanCard Office for more information.

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