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SECURE IT: It's your responsibility!


The purpose of the IT Security Awareness and Training program is to ensure that we educate IT system users on recognizing IT security best practices, identifying risks/threats, and how to respond appropriately to IT Security incidents. This program is applicable to all University employees (permanent, temporary, contractual, faculty, administrators, and students) who are responsible for the development, coordination, and execution and use of VSU information technology resources to conduct University business and to transmit sensitive data in the performance of their jobs. It is also the University’s practice that the security awareness processes and procedures will be consistent with University’s IT Security policies, industry security best practices, and the Commonwealth’s IT Security Standards.

IT Acceptable Use Standards


All University employees, vendors, contractors, students are required to complete this mandatory training within 30 days after receiving the registration email. New hires are required to take it in their first 30 days of employment. This includes employees who have access to a University computer, IT system and data, or an e-mail address where information resources reside. The training course will take 45-60 minutes to complete. Upon successfully completing the training course, the course certificate will be available to provide copies to management. Complete the IT Acceptable Use Standard and User Acknowledgement Agreement form and email to or mail to P.O. Box 9090. 

The training program can be accessed via this link:

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