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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Technology Services is to promote and deliver reliable information technology (IT) solutions and services to support the educational mission of Virginia State University.  

Our Values Statement

In pursuit of this mission, Technology Services has outlined our value statements to better service our VSU Constituents.  Specifically,

  • We value our Customers; therefore we are responsive in meeting their technology needs, treating each Customer with courtesy and respect.
  • We value our Team; therefore we trust, respect, support, and encourage each Team Member.
  • We value Change; therefore we are committed to changing our processes so that we improve the service delivery and performance of the information technology we operate.
  • We value Accountability, therefore we accept responsibility for the outcomes of our actions; learning and improving from each positive and negative outcome.
  • We value Fiduciary Responsibility; therefore we actively pursue initiatives that provide business value to the University and its stakeholders.
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