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Anti-Hazing Policy

Virginia State University Hazing Policy

WHEREAS, the Virginia General Assembly amended Virginia’s anti-hazing statue and authorized the board of visitors of institutions of higher education to promulgate policies which officially prohibit hazing; and,

WHEREAS, the following proposed hazing policy for Virginia State University has been reviewed for legal sufficiency by the state Attorney’s office and changes made regarding the definition of hazing by incorporating the language of the new law {House Bill 1588}; and, Hazing under Virginia Law, is defined as activities for the initiation or induction into an organization which include calisthenics or other strenuous physical activity, exposure to inclement weather, consumption of any food ,liquid, beverage, drug or other substances ,confinement in any room or compartment, spraying, painting, or pelting with any substance, burying in any substances ,burning, branding or tattooing or any other activity which may result in physical injury or endanger the health or life of the individual being hazed; and,

WHEREAS, hazing is defined in this policy is prohibited; and,

WHEREAS, organization that are found to be in violation of this policy are subject to discipline (to include suspension or expulsion) by the university and may lose their status as a recognized organization of the university; and,

WHEREAS, individual members who are found to be in violation of this policy are in violation of the code of student conduct may be disciplined in accordance with established University procedures; and,

WHEREAS, all the presidents of the student organizations on campus of Virginia State University are required to execute a signed statement indicating that their organization will not participate in any hazing whatsoever, and if it does, it is subject to suspension ,expulsion, and /or consequences resulting from violation of Virginia law; and,


RESOLVED, that the board of Visitors approved hazing policy for Virginia State University, and be it further

RESOLVED that this policy becomes effective on this date and be incorporated in current policies of Virginia State University, and superseded any previous on this subject          

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