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Moving into the residence hall, and possibly living away from your parents for the first time in your whole life, can be very exciting. But in all the excitement, it’s important to remember to bring the right things with you to campus. And along those same lines, don’t bring items which aren’t allowed or which will only clutter your living space without serving any real purpose.

Your residence hall room will be your home away from home so you will want it to feel as comfortable and cozy as possible, as well as being a place where you can concentrate and study.

All our residence hall rooms come furnished with a bed and desk so those are two items which you don’t have to worry about bringing. What can you do is bring items to personalize the space and make it feel like it’s your own.

Area rugs and curtains can add a pop of color to your room. Just remember that curtains must be hung on tension rods. Also, don’t forget to work with your roommate to compromise on colors, style, etc.

When you can, choose dual-purpose items to maximize the small space. Storage ottomans, for example, can be great for hiding clutter when you have guests over, and can also be used for extra seating.

Dr. LaVerne Briggs, Director of Residence Life, says that some items that students often forget to bring with them to campus, but will need are:

  • A flashlight - as the power does occasionally go out
  • A first aid kit - packed with items for minor cuts and scrapes
  • A sewing kit – you may need to sew on a button!

She also said that students sometimes forget to bring formal clothes which they may need for interviews or special events. Since the Virginia weather can change quickly, be sure to also bring items for various weather conditions including an umbrella, raincoat, jacket/coat, and boots.

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