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Sustainability and Research

Priority 2: Programmatic Sustainability and Sponsored Research

VSU will achieve recognition for academic excellence through the development of high quality and innovative educational programs supported by faculty and staff members who are active learners and researchers.

In order to respond to the challenges of the changing educational and technological environment, we will develop and enhance programs, structures, and processes to maximize faculty and student success. Because access to research positively affects student performance and successful research programs can generate significant revenue for their host institutions, we seek to maximize these benefits of research by strengthening our research capacity, particularly in the translational research space.  In order to accomplish this we will leverage our capacity to build partnerships that span disciplines and involve regional and national collaboration.


  1. Academic and co-curricular programs will be fiscally self-sustaining (i.e., comply to an pre-determined profitability formula);
  2. Increase translational and pure/applied research productivity toward new revenue streams;
  3. Establish translational and applied research as parts of VSU’s pursuit of academic excellence. 

Assessment Measures and Implementation Strategies

  1. By fall 2016, each college will implement plans for inter- and/or cross-disciplinary sponsored research that is integrated with teaching and learning.
  2. By fall 2020, increase sponsored research portfolio to at least 20%.
    • Establish translational and pure/applied research agendas.
    • Expand the number and the scope of viable, sustainable research opportunities for students and faculty.
    • Develop a technology transfer program.
    • Increase the number of grant applications submitted by 5% each year.
    • Implement a hiring plan commensurate with pure and translational research foci.
  3. By fall 2016, all academic programs will meet or exceed pre-established VSU benchmarks for academic profitability.
    • Develop, implement, and maintain nationally recognized (accredited) programs;
    • Implement a consistent, comprehensive program review process;
    • Increase the number of available terms for offering course work in a calendar year;
    • Create differential tuition for graduate programs;
    • Establish strategically located off-campus programs;
    • Establish distance education programs.
    • Employ responsibility-center management model for non-traditional academic programs and terms.
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