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Global and Civic Engagement

Priority 3: Global and Civic Engagement

VSU will foster the development of an enriching campus culture to support student success by preparing civically engaged and globally competitive students.

VSU is dedicated to promoting the development of humane and productive citizens, prepared for personal fulfillment, and sensitive to the needs of others. We believe that civic learning and engagement is an integral component of the students’ educational experiences at VSU.   VSU believes that global competence is a fundamental skill critical to successfully meeting the challenges of today’s international community. 


  1. Students will complete their respective academic programs having demonstrated an understanding of effective Cross-Cultural Communication;
  2. Students will demonstrate an appreciation for the value of engagement in civic action and leadership;
  3. Students will understand the value of individual and cultural differences; and
  4. Students will demonstrate an ability to communicate and interact effectively across cultures.

Assessment Measures and Implementation Strategies

  1. By fall 2018, increase international student enrollment by at least 20%.
    • Develop working relationships with international institutions, alumni, sponsoring organizations, and embassies seeking US host institutions.
    • Establish an International Student and Scholar Services component to enhance the transition and retention of international students.
  2. By fall 2018, at least 3% of all VSU students will participate in an international/global Study Abroad Program.
    • Promote the comprehensive internationalization of VSU curricular and co-curricular experiences.
    • Enhance the Honors Program for global education.
    • Identify foreign language acquisition strategies beyond classroom instruction.
  3. By fall 2018, the University students will participate in 45,000 hours of community service annually.
    • Fully implement service learning program.
    • Create an environment where students value and model civic responsibility in and out of the classroom.
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