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Expanded Constituent Services

Priority 1: Expanded Constituent Services and Productivity

VSU will strengthen enrollment through the strategic design and implementation of integrated enrollment management programs to attract and retain a diverse student body.

As a public four-year land grant institution, VSU has the combined responsibility and opportunity to serve and enhance the quality of life and the economic conditions of the surrounding communities of Southside Virginia. Given these circumstances, one of the University’s top priorities must be the preparation of students for the future needs of the Commonwealth.  Consistent with the University’s mission as an HBCU is the desire of the VSU community and leadership to continue to recruit students from diverse populations who will persist to goal completion–most commonly defined as degree attainment. Effective and sound enrollment growth requires the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive enrollment management approach touching all facets of the University in order to achieve enrollment goals. Enrollment growth and increased graduation rates supported by our activities respond to the Governor’s call to increase degree production by 100,000 by year 2020.


  1. Implement services and programs that facilitate economic development in Southside Virginia;
  2. To prepare an expanded workforce for the Commonwealth in accordance with Virginia’s Top Jobs for the 21st Century (TJ21) legislation, specifically, the production of 100,000 new degrees. 

Assessment Measures and Implementation Strategies

  1. By fall 2017, produce 1,000 new degrees.
    • Marketing/branding exercise.
    • Establish the Office of Enrollment Management.
    • Cultivate new core student markets.
    • Expand the scope of the University’s student services to better meet the needs of current and new core students as well as internal/external stakeholder groups.
  2. By fall 2018, increase freshman retention rate to at least 75%.
    • Establish the University College.
    • Enhance enrollment and recruitment processes to recruit and retain a diverse student body that will produce a highly qualified workforce.
  3. By fall 2017, increase the graduation rate to at least 55%.
    • Develop three-year degree programs.
    • Offer MOOC-style courses.
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