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2014-2020 Strategic Plan

Building a Better World

The 2014-2020 Strategic Plan is an ambitious plan to elevate Virginia State University as one of the nation’s leading land grant institutions. Virginia State University stands on a legacy of extraordinary achievement and academic excellence provided by past generations of faculty, students, staff, and other key stakeholders.

This plan recognizes and capitalizes on VSU’s legacy and distinctive strengths to create a brilliant future for VSU as we seek to build a better world. The strategic initiatives in this plan will lead to the University being internationally recognized as a premier land grant institution renowned for its outstanding teaching and research, with exceptional academic programs, and globally competitive graduates. It provides the VSU community with clear visions, goals, strategies, and measures to promote alignment and success. It is directed at ensuring student success and optimizing resources in order to provide an enriching academic environment for students, faculty, and staff.

One of the major objectives of the strategic planning process is the establishment, communication, and execution of the fundamental priorities of Virginia State University. It is the lens through which challenges and opportunities are examined and analyzed, issues framed, and strategic goals articulated. The strategic plan will enable VSU to adapt, take advantage of its opportunities, and manage the strategic issues that are critical to achieving its vision in an environment characterized by increasing competition for the best students, faculty, staff, funding, and other resources.

This plan provides a “roadmap” for the next six years utilizing a set of goals and objectives designed to address each of the strategic initiatives described in the Executive Summary. The ultimate goal is to ensure the plan is fully actualized and that the University continuously accounts for its implementation.

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