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Eggleston Hall

Eggleston Hall

Eggleston Hall, a freshmen female residence hall, is named in honor of Dr. Joseph D. Eggleston. Eggleston was a former member of the Board of Visitors at Virginia State College.

This three-story brick residence hall was completed in the 1927-1928 academic school year.  This residence hall features an air-conditioned lobby area where students can relax, laundry facilities, and a computer lab with Internet and word processing capabilities. 

Residence Coordinators (RC), who are full‑time professional staff, are responsible for the overall supervision of the residence halls. Resident Assistants (RA) and Graduate Assistants function as para-professionals and assist the RC in their duties. Night Managers assist the RC with overnight coverage.

Eggleston Hall Room 1
Eggleston Hall Room 2
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