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Faculty and students are encourage to prepare and submit books, paper and journal publications.

STEAM-H BOOKS Series (B. Toni, Ed. Springer)

A compilation publication of all the STEAM-H Seminar Series Speakers is available Free download to VSU Community through VSU Library

  • Bridging Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering and Technology (2012) 
  • Advances in Interdisciplinary Mathematical Research (2013)
  • New Frontiers of Multidisciplinary Research in STEAM-H (2014)
  • Interdisciplinary Mathematical Research and Applications. (To appear Spring 2016)
  • News Trends and Advanced Methods in Interdisciplinary Research. (Upcoming) 
  • Zhenhua Wu, Nasser Ghariban, “PLM-based Digital Design Manufacturing and Process Monitoring of an Impeller Manufacturing-A Senior Project at Virginia State University”, 122st American Society of Engineering Education-ASEE Annual Conference, Seattle, Washington, 2015
  • Zhenhua Wu, Nasser Ghariban, “Design of Laboratory Apparatus for Temperature Prediction in Turning Process”, 121st American Society of Engineering Education-ASEE Annual Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2014
  • Zhenhua Wu, Marthony Hobgood, Mathias Wolf, “Energy Mapping and Optimization in Rough Machining of Impellers”, 11th ASME Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference, Blacksburg, VA, 2016
  • Singli Garcia, Nasser Ghariban, Fedra Adnani, “Reform the Intro to Engineering course For Retaining Minority Engineering Freshmen”, 120th American Society of Engineering Education-ASEE Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, 2013
  • Ghariban, N., 2013, “A Galerkin Method Solution of Heat Transfer Problems in Closed Channeles: Fluid Flow Analysis”, Advanced in Interdisciplinary Mathematical Research, Springer, New York, pp. 191-212.
  • Ghariban, N. “Prediction of temperature distribution during induction heating in manufacturing of wires,” Proceeding Interwire Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2011
  • Agrawal, K. Awasthi, Shantanu & Evans, Eugene August,2015. “Comparison of Various Modeling in Understanding the Relation between Single Fiber Tenacity & Its Bundle.” American Journal of Material Science, Accepted for Publication ID:100100227
  • P. A. Manohar, S. Acharya, P. Wu, A. Ansari, W. Schilling, Integrated Active Learning Tools for Enhanced Pedagogy in a Software Engineering Course, will be appeared in the J. of Computer in Education
  • P. A. Manohar, S. Acharya, P. Wu, A. Ansari, W. Schilling, Case Study-Based Educational Tools for Teaching a Software V&V Course at the Undergraduate Level, Proceeding of 122nd ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, 2015
  • S. Acharya, P. A. Manohar, P. Wu, A. Ansari, W. Schilling,” Collaborative Education: Building a Skilled Software Verification and Validation User Community” , J. of Computer in Education, 2013, ISSN# 736-8607
  • A. Ansari, “HBCU-UP Undergraduate Bridge, A Successful Recruitment Model” Proceeding ASEE Annual Meeting, 2011
  • A. Ansari, “Impact and Merit Of The VSU HBCU-UP On The Undergraduate STEM Education”, Proceeding ASEE Annual Meeting, 2010
  • Jahangir Ansari, “Computer Aided Reverse Engineering of a Toy Car”, proceeding of 2013 ASEE annual conference.
  • Jahangir Ansari, “Design Experience in a Manufacturing Engineering Program”, proceeding of 2010 ASEE annual conference.
  • Amir Javaheri, Nasser Ghariban, Jahangir Ansari, “A Comprehensive Project- Based Program Outcome Assessment Plan: Closing the Feed Back Loop”, presented in 2007 Best Assessment Processes IX symposium, Rose Holman Institute of Technology.
  • Jahangir Ansari and Yun Kim, “Instrumentation for Vibration and Modal Testing - A Senior Design Project”, proceeding of 2006 ASEE annual conference, Session 1644.
  • Jahangir Ansari, “Finite Element Vibration Analysis and Modal Testing of Bells”, Proceedings of The 2006 IJME – INTERTECH Conference.
  • Hill, O, Serpell, Z, and Faison, MO (2015). The Efficacy of the LearningRx Cognitive Training Program: Modality and Transfer Effects The Journal of Experimental Education. DOI: 10.1080/00220973.2015.1065218
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  • Hill, O., Serpell, Z. & Faison, M. (in press). Improving minority student mathematics performance through cognitive training. In L.A. Flowers, J. Moore, and L. O. Flowers (Eds.), The Evolution of Learning: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, University Press of America.
  • Jairam R., C. A. d’Orgeix, C. H. d’Orgeix, and A. Harris. 2016. Range extension and distribution of the invasive Moreau’s tropical house gecko Hemidactylus mabouia (Moreau de Jonnès, 1818) (Squamata: Gekkonidae) in Suriname. Checklist: In press.
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