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Community Policing

Community Policing focuses on crime and social disorder through the delivery of police services that allow us to interact with the students in a nontraditional way. Through community policing, we are able to partner with the University community, respond to problems proactively (identify problems and potential problems and through programs and alliances effectively address those issues).

Our Community Policing Programs include:

Bike Patrol – The bike patrol unit patrols the campus on bicycles. This unit is highly visible and has the opportunity to stop and make positive contacts with the campus community.

Foot Patrols – DPPS officers often patrol the campus areas on foot to provide a higher level of visibility and also to make positive interactive contact with the campus community. 

Motorcycle Unit – The motorcycle unit consists of two motorcycles that are used to patrol the campus. The motorcycle unit is also used for parades and ceremonies.

Adopt-A-Dorm Program – This program allows officers to interact with the students from their assigned residence halls in a more personal manner. The officers get to know the residents of the dormitories and are available to answer questions, address safety issues, and arrange for seminars and other programs.

Intern Ride Along Program – This program allows the students that are interns in the Criminal Justice Program to ride along while the officer is on patrol. This program works really well and gives the interns an opportunity to relay positive feedback to their peers.

Escort Services

The Department of Police and Public Safety operates a security escort program. The purpose of this program is to provide the user with a safe mode of transportation to various on campus locations. Students, employees and all members of the University community are encouraged to call the Security Escort Service, operated by the VSU Police Department, whenever the need arises. Users are reminded that the escort may be either walking or in a vehicle, depending of the proximity of the user's destination.

To use these services call (804) 524-5360, and have a valid VSU Identification card. The VSU Identification card must be presented upon receiving service. These services are provided seven (7) days a week form hours of 6:00p.m. to 2:00p.m. and are campus use only.

Here are eight suggestions for crime prevention when walking:

  1. Never walk alone or isolate yourself. Always walk with someone else or call for the Security Escort Service.
  2. Use well-lit, well-traveled routes; walk with confidence and be alert at all times.
  3. Always have your keys in hand before leaving your car or doorway
  4. Always lock your doors when alone and never prop exterior doors.
  5. Report all suspicious persons/incidents to the Police Department.
  6. If followed while walking, change directions and head toward an emergency call box or a well-lit and populated area. 
  7. If followed while driving, drive to a public place, i.e., a hospital or a police station.
  8. If approached in a threatening manner, don't panic. Try to remain calm and think. DO NOT take foolish chances.
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