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New Kent Agreement

Published date: May 30, 2013

VSU President Keith T. Miller signs concurrent enrollment agreement with New Kent County School Superintendent Dr. Robert F. Richardson, Jr.Virginia State University (VSU) has entered into an agreement with New Kent County Public Schools to offer college courses to juniors and seniors at New Kent County High School. New Kent represents the 15th city or county system with which VSU has signed a concurrent enrollment agreement.

Under the terms of the program, qualified high school students may enroll in university courses through VSU. The courses will be taught at high schools, but course curricula, syllabi and tests will be identical to those used at VSU. Grades earned will be considered dual credit for high school and VSU. Should the high school students matriculate to VSU, their transcripts will reflect both the college credits and earned grade point average.  There is currently no tuition charge to the students taking concurrent enrollment courses. Textbooks are usually purchased by the high school system hosting the classes.

New Kent County School Superintendent Dr. Robert F. Richardson, Jr. called the agreement “a missing piece of the puzzle” that will provide county students with additional post-secondary educational opportunities.

“These partnerships epitomize ‘win-win’ collaborations between secondary schools and higher education,” said VSU President Keith T. Miller. “They allow high school students to get a leg up on their college education, both academically and economically. Meanwhile, VSU is able to share its human resources and technology with our public schools. Regardless of whether the high school student ultimately enrolls at VSU, he or she is more prepared for success at the college level.”

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