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Vendor Regulations

Homecoming 2014
Vendor Rules and Regulations


  1. All vendors are subject to close inspection by the Virginia State University Department of Police and Public Safety. 
  1. Virginia State University reserves the right to deny a vendor’s application. 
  1. Authorized vending is to take place on the Band Field ONLY.  Vending outside of this area is prohibited. 
  1. The sale of Virginia State University paraphernalia is prohibited unless you obtain a license.  For further information concerning licensing policies, contact the VSU Purchasing Office at 804-524-5115.  Any paraphernalia that is not properly licensed will be confiscated.         
  1. The University WILL NOT provide tables, chairs, or electrical outlets. 
  1. Vendors are prohibited from playing loud and/or obscene music.  Noncompliance may cause dismissal. 
  1. Food vendors are required to complete a temporary food event permit and adhere to all rules and regulations governing food preparation. 
  1. Any damage to exiting utilities, equipment, grounds equipment and/or finished surfaces resulting from the performance of this agreement shall be repaired to the Commonwealth’s satisfaction at the contractor’s expense. 
  1. Vendors must bring their own large non-combustible trash cans for all cooking areas. 
  1. Dumpsters will be provided by the University and will be placed in designated areas for your use. 
  1. Vendors should park transportation vehicles only in the lot 26 reserved for vendors. 
  1. All vendor fees are due no later than October 20. Vendors may pay via mail with a cashier’s check, money order, or by calling 804-524-5150 to pay by credit card (Mas­tercard, Visa or American Express). 
  1. Food vendors must have fire-extinguishing equipment and be familiar with fire security procedures.       
  1. Precautions must be taken for the storage and use of flammable materials; using surge protectors, electrical circuits and appliances; and ensuring passageways near and around concession areas remain open and uncluttered at all times. 
  1. No refunds are granted, unless the event is cancelled. 
  1. Rain or Shine. The bazaar will take place unless there is severe lightning or conditions out of the event staff’s control. 
  1. Tents meet Virginia Construction Code (See below). 


2403.9 Anchorage required. Tents or membrane structures and their appurtenances shall be adequately roped, braced and anchored to withstand the elements of weather and prevent against collapsing.  Documentation of structural stability shall be furnished to the fire code official upon request. 

2404.3 Label. Membrane structures or tents shall have a permanently affixed label bearing the identification of size and fabric or material type. 

2404.4 Certification. An affidavit or affirmation shall be submitted to the fire code official and a copy retained on premises on which the tent or air- supported structure is located. The affidavit shall attest to the following information relative to the flame propagation performance of the fabric. 

1. Names and addresses of the owners of the tent or air-supported structure

2. Date the fabric was last treated with flame-retardant solution.

3. Trade name or kind of chemical used.

4. Name of person or firm treating the material.

5. Name of testing agency and test standard by which the fabric was tested. 

2404.7 Open or exposed flame. Open flame or other devices emitting flame, fire or heat or any flammable or combustible liquids, gas, charcoal or other cooking device or any other unapproved devices shall not be permitted  inside or located within 20 feet of the tent or membrane structures while  open to the public unless approve by the fire code official. 

904.11.5 Portable fire extinguishers for commercial cooking equipment. Portable fire extinguishers shall be provided within a 30 foot travel distance of commercial-type cooking equipment. Cooking equipment involving vegetable or animal oils and fats shall be protected by a Class K rated portable extinguisher. 

All codes are from the 2009 Statewide Fire Prevention Code. The Safety Office can be reached at (804) 524 5612 for questions concerning the codes.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read this application, the attached Policies and Procedures, and as proof by signature, I agree to its terms. If I do not abide by the policies and procedures outlined in this application, I understand that I may be asked to leave the VSU Homecoming Bazaar by staff.
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