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Classified Positions

Laboratory and Research Specialist II

Position Number: 00349 (Agency Recruitment Only) Closing Date: 04/10/2015
Working Title: Plant Science Manager Position Location: Agricultural Research Station (Agency #234)
Hiring Range:  $31,979 - $70,801

Pay Band: 4

Information Technology Specialist II

Position Number: 00470 Closing Date: 04/24/2015
Working Title: Applications Support Specialist Position Location: Technology Services
Hiring Range:  $41,778 - $91,896

Pay Band: 5

Education Support Specialist II

Position Number: 00909 (Restricted) Closing Date: 02/27/2015
Working Title: Adult Program Assistant Position Location: Agricultural Research Station (Agency #234)
Hiring Range:  $24,479 - $54,653

Pay Band: 3

Law Enforcement Officer I

Position Number: 00019, 00138 Closing Date: Continuous Recruitment
Working Title: Police Officer Position Location: Dept. of Police & Public Safety
Hiring Range: 

Non-DCJS Certified - $30,000 w/$4000 adjustment upon completion of certification requirements

DCJS Certified - $34,000 

Pay Band: 3
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