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What should men know about sexual assault?

What should men know about sexual assault?

Remember that date rape is a crime.  It is never acceptable to use force in sexual situations. Both men and women should be especially careful in situations involving the use of alcohol or other drugs.  Alcohol and other drugs impair judgment and can interfere with your ability to assess situations and communicate effectively. 

You do not have the right to pressure or force a woman to have sex, even if: 

  • You paid for her dinner or a night out. 
  • You've had sex with her before. 
  • She agrees to have sex with you, and then changes her mind. 
  • She dresses provocatively, flirts, or "comes on" to you. 
  • You met her at a bar or picked her up hitchhiking. 
  • You think women enjoy being forced to have sex or wanted to be persuaded.

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