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Job Shadowing

A Day in the Life

A Job Shadowing Experience for Students

“A Day in the Life” offers a student the opportunity to job shadow professionals in their career field of interest. Students will be able to search through all available opportunities and express an interest to Hosts they would like to job shadow.


  • “Day in the Life” is open to all careers- even if you cannot host a student due to confidentiality, you can meet with students to conduct an informational interview or tour the facility
  • There is no cost associated with the program
  • Students are responsible for travel to and from the host site
  • You determine the dates for hosting students or you can work with interested students to find a common time
  • Job shadowing does not have to be completed by a certain date – the program is ongoing
  • Job shadowing can be offered for a whole day or half day
  • You determine the number of students who may contact you
  • Students will contact you to coordinate job shadowing
To Participate
Call 804-524-5211 or email
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