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Maintenance Projects

Maintenance and Other Projects

  • Roof Replacement Physical Plant

  • Roof Section Replacement Hunter McDaniel Hall, Singleton Hall and Oil Storage Bunker

  • Sprinkler Modification Virginia Hall Attic

  • Heating Plant Ventilation & Electrical Upgrades

  • Code Compliance Corrections at Jones Dining Hall and Foster Hall

  • Chiller Replacement Jones Dining Hall

  • Window Replacement at Seward Hall

  • Drainage improvements at Seward Hall

  • Drainage Improvements at Vawter Hall

  • HVAC Replacement at Owens Hall

  • HVAC Replacement at Colsen Hall

  • Structural Repairs at Whiting Hall

  • Campus Wide Repairs to Plumbing Systems

  • Campus Wide Repairs to Elevators

  • Campus Wide Asbestos Abatement

  • Campus Wide Steam Piping Repairs

  • Campus Wide Repairs to Sidewalks and Concrete

  • Campus Wide Exterior Lighting Replacements

  • Campus Wide Stormwater Piping Repairs

  • Campus Wide Replacement of HVAC components and controls

  • Campus Wide Replacement of Electrical Components and Branch Wiring Devices

  • Campus Wide Roof Inspection, Repairs and Replacements

  • Campus Wide Repairs to Soffets, Fascia and Cupolas

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