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Battle of The States


The Labor Day Classic returns on Saturday, Sept. 2 at 6 p.m. at William "Dick" Price Stadium in Norfolk. This year’s event will be bigger than ever as VSU battles NSU not only on the gridiron, but also in giving.

We're pleased to announce the ultimate giving challenge, "Battle of the States," where alumni and supporters are encouraged to give from Noon on Aug. 28 until halftime on Sept. 2. The winner will be announced during the fourth quarter of the game.

Let’s show them that Big State is STILL the Bigger State on the football field and in charitable giving! You can give any amount to any designation! Click here to give today.

As an added incentive, supporters who make a minimum daily gift of $25 will be entered in a drawing for access to the President’s tent during the Homecoming game**. You can help support deserving VSU students and help the University win the first ever Battle of the States by making your gift at

**For eligibility, you must make a minimum gift of $25 for six consecutive days from noon, Monday, August 28 through Saturday, September 2 at 6 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. Gifts can be made online at or between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. via telephone at (804) 524-5045. Your gift can also be made in person at Storum Hall or on the campus of Norfolk State University in the VSU tailgate area during the game. Four names will be randomly drawn and the winners will be announced on Friday, September 8.

For more information, please call (804) 524-5045 or email

The race is EXTREMELY close! A HUGE thank you goes to the following donors who stepped up to the giving challenge and contributed a total of $13,458 (as of 4 p.m. Thursday, August 31):

Quinton Lee Allen '99
Stacy A. Arrington
Sandra M. Attidore '90
Deidre B. Bailey '85
MAJ Tony M. Baker '86 and Alma W. Baker '86
Steven J. Banks and Dale J. Banks
Ynella C. Baylor '94
LTC (Ret.) Johnnie L. Beale
LTC (Ret.) Michael D. Benton and Ivy H. Benton '86
Barton D. Blanks and Joanna M. Blanks
Charles Bost and Dena G. Bost '77
Thomas S. Brown '61 and Joan D. Brown '65
Linette C. Camp '94
Helen M. Clements '85
Ashton Coleman '89
James K. Copeland '95
Derwin O. Cox '78 and Pamela A. Cox '78
Kevin W. Davenport and LaTanija E. Davenport
Sharon A. Davis, '88
Zinna Davis '84
Morgan C. Davis, '03
Sabin P. Duncan
Larry B. Evans and Ruby W. Evans '85
Ronald A. Pemberton '74 and Gladys Fitzhugh-Pemberton '68
Gladys L. Ford, '69
Danny T. Giles '01
Tonya Y. Hall
Curtis D. Harris and Dorothy L.M. Harris '77
James L. Harris and Wyllona Harris
Susie B. Harris '62
Carolyn M. Harrison '92
Sada' Hill '83
Ronald M. Howell, Jr. '09
Timothy G. James '08
Franklin H. Johnson, Jr. '04
Deborah A. Jones '84
Maurice B. Jones '05
Ralph J. Jones and Ella Jones '03
Debra G. Keyes '77
Vernell B. Kilpatrick '77
COL (Ret.) Clifton F. Knight '72 and Gloria W. Knight
Phyllis A. Lee '69
Traci N. Lewis
Michael Lindsay and Belinda B. Lindsay '84
Angel Lopez '08
Isaac Lynch, Jr. '70 and Barbara A. Lynch
Gary A. Martin '92 and Kimberley L. Martin '90
Fred D. McLeod and Clarise S. McLeod '51
Olanza McNeil and Stephanie F. McNeil '83
Reginald M. Moseley, Sr. and Angela B. Moseley '87
Jane B. Parker
James T. Peden
Sandra G. Peterson
Arneitha A. Reed '79
Kylor B. Reed, Jr. '62 and Mary G. Reed '65
Fayette Reid-Jones '90
Darlene Snowden
Darrel B. Snowden '88
Lincoln D. Spicely '94 and Maryland G. Spicely
Veda S. Stanley, '90
Herlene M. Thomas '95
Michelle L. Thornton, '70
United States Coast Guard
VSUAA - Greater Triangle Area NC
Latrece Jean Walden '01
Lacy B. Ward
Darnell Weatherington and Elsie S. Weatherington '70
Gregory A. Whirley, Sr. '74 and Pauline F. Whirley '74
Kimberly E. Whitlock '88
Vanessa P. Williams '77
Raymond L. Wrenn '75 & Sharlene A. Wrenn '76
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