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Top 10 Under 10 Awards

The Virginia State University “Trojan 10 Under 10” award program recognizes the achievements made by alumni who earned their first VSU degree (undergraduate or graduate) within the last 10 years.

From teachers and thinkers, to entrepreneurs and creators, leaders and visionaries, risk takers and dreamers, our young alumni are changing lives and making an impact. To honor their accomplishments, nominate a recent graduate for the VSU “Trojan 10 Under 10”.


  1. Earned their first VSU degree (undergraduate or graduate) from VSU within the past 10 years (2009 – 2019).
  2. Demonstrates commitment to maintaining a lifelong relationship with VSU
  3. Made important contributions to their community through service
  4. Made an impact and reached remarkable success in their profession

The deadline for nominations is Sept 1. Awardees will be recognized during Alumni Winterfest in February.

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