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Academic Component

During the academic year, students receive additional instruction in the various academic courses taken in their respective schools. 

The Upward Bound Staff, and Teachers employed by the program assist students on campus two Saturdays each month.  An organized guidance program is planned by the Upward Bound Counselor.  Individualized counseling and group guidance sessions are conducted at target schools and in the Upward Bound office. The focus is to strengthen and enhance the student’s academic skill level in order to make them more successful in high school and beyond. 

SATURDAY tutorial and instructional sessions are the mainstream of the program.  Each Upward Bound participant must attend these sessions as designated.  Students may receive assistance with homework assignments, projects etc., and receive additional instruction to provide academic enrichment.  Students attend (4) four classes during Saturday session that may include: Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry & Advanced Math), English, Science (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry & Physics), Social Studies (World History I & II, Government and Geography); as well as Creative Writing, Spanish and group Guidance. Students also have access to a computer lab to assist with assignments and/or receive tutoring with Comfit on-line tutoring program.

Upward Bound students MUST participate 75% during the Academic Component. (No more than 3 unexcused absences) to be eligible to participate in the Summer Residential Component.

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