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Concurrent Enrollment

Virginia State University's Concurrent (Dual) Enrollment Program lets high school students earn college credits while still in high school. And to top it all off, concurrent enrollment classes are currently tuition-free.

For this reason concurrent enrollment courses are a win-win, smart decision for high school students. Not only can they get a jump-start on their college education, but they can save money as well.

In fact, a concurrent enrollment student can have close to a year's worth of credits by the time they graduate from high school. This can equal literally thousands of dollars in savings.

Courses are taught at area high schools by high school teachers approved by VSU. The course curricula, syllabi and tests are identical to those used at VSU. Students will earn concurrent credit for high school and VSU. If the student later attends VSU, their transcripts will reflect both the college credits and earned GPA. Our courses are transferrable to other universities and colleges as well.

Textbooks are usually purchased by the high school system hosting the classes.

While most classes are held at high schools, some class sessions may be held on campus, as is the professional development event for high school teachers.

VSU faculty liaisons will assist high school faculty in teaching the courses. Each concurrent enrollment teacher is assigned a VSU liaison, who is a professor who teaches the same course on campus. The faculty liaison shares teaching materials with the high school teacher and otherwise provides coaching and support.

If you are a high school teacher, teaching a concurrent enrollment class can be a great opportunity for professional development, and to gain experience teaching a college course. You will, in essence, be an adjunct faculty member of VSU. Some concurrent enrollment teachers also teach as adjunct faculty in traditional college classes on our campus.

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