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Undeclared Major Advisement

VSU's Undeclared Majors Advisement Program provides opportunities  for undecided students to investigate different academic areas and explore career options. Students receive individualized counseling from caring counselors, visit different major departments, and attend workshops designed to help them make informed decisions about entering a major field of study.     

As an Undecided Major, you are assigned to the Student Enhancement and Support Center (SES). The SES will pair you with advisors who will help you make the right curriculum choices as well as to assist you in a variety of ways.

Your goal must be to decide upon a major course of study by the end of your first year. This is extremely important as there are some serious disadvantages to being undecided. Some of the courses you take may not apply toward the degree program you ultimately decide. This may cost you dearly in time and money. Therefore, the longer you remain undecided, the greater the risk that you spend time and money unnecessarily.

 To assist you with your exploration of possible curriculum choices, you may do one or more of the following:

  •  Visit and complete the self-assessment survey
  •  Visit the Career Services located in Memorial Hall for information about career choices
  •  Attend any Undecided Major’s workshops sponsored by the Student Enhancement and Support Center or the academic schools/departments.
  •  Conduct your own investigation of possible curriculums and/or their corresponding career paths

For advising purposes, please visit the office during the first two weeks of class each semester and between mid-term and the end of the semester. It is important that you do this so that we may verify your student records, assist you with registering for classes for the next session, assist you in filing the “change of major form” and explain the many campus resources available to you should you need them.

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