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Why I Give: Maurice Jones

VSU Maurice Jones

Maurice B. Jones is a proud alumnus -- with a graduate certificate and two degrees from VSU – who remains devoted to the Land of Troy. As a younger alumnus, Maurice understands that it is never too soon to give back to his alma mater.  He not only contributes, but has directed a planned gift to a group that radiates Trojan Dignity and Pride, the Trojan Explosion Marching Band. 

His incentive to give is simple: “We must remember that we are following in the footsteps of people who did not have footsteps to follow,” Maurice explains. “We walk the path of people who had to create the path and we must never forget that. We must always reach back to keep students on the unending path of education.”

Maurice says it’s never too early to begin the habit of giving and explains to younger alumni that, even with limited resources, gifts can take many forms. “To my young alumni and all friends of VSU, money is always welcome, but also give your time and share your talents,” he says. “Become a mentor, speak to a class, buy a student a book and come to athletic events. Make it a personal mission to attend University events to show our talented students that we appreciate and support them.”

Maurice recognizes Harold Haughton, Sr.; Portia Robinson; Sharon Taylor; Carol Elias; Dr. Fidelis Ikem and Dr. Raymond Griffin as individuals instrumental in his development. “When I came to VSU as an 18-year-old, I was blessed to have people take me under their wings and groom me into a young man,” he says.  “From my band director Harold Haughton, to Miss Pam, Miss Cordell and Miss Jones in the café, to Robert Anderson my resident educator in Williams Hall, to my professors in the School of Business, they all made sure VSU was my home for four years.”

In addition to monetary gifts, Maurice contributes his time and talents by mentoring students and promoting Trojan spirit. He has shared his extensive research on campus buildings, former VSU presidents and former faculty members to promote school pride through awareness.

“We all received some sort of assistance while at VSU. We would not be the people we are if it were not for what Virginia State has given us.  Let’s support our VSU, Hail State!”
No matter your reason for giving, we need and appreciate your support. Please consider a gift today to support VSU’s students and future.

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